Europe's first Bitcoin ETF

We are committed to pioneering unique access to digital asset investing for institutional and ESG considerate investors. Working with best in class facilitators to provide forward thinking, environmentally conscious and simply constructed solutions.

Bringing simplicity and safety to digital asset investing

Our well-established network of reputable partners and service providers can meet the needs of any institutional or professional investor

Developing a business with integrated sustainability ambitions

Jacobi Asset Management strive to elevate digital asset investing by integrating sustainability principles at the heart of everything we do. We integrate sustainable environmental practices into our operations and investment product development, with the ambition to be a leader in responsible and environmentally conscious digital asset management.

As we continue to develop our digital asset product offering we set ourselves clear sustainability goals and stride toward reducing our carbon footprint and promoting impactful renewable energy solutions. By fostering partnerships with environmental leaders, green energy providers and renewable energy experts, we aim to contribute to the overall shift in attitudes to greener digital asset investments. Additionally, we embrace transparency and reporting on progress towards matching electricity attributable to bitcoin activities with 100% renewables which is crucial in gaining trust from investors and stakeholders.

By demonstrating a strong commitment to our sustainability ambitions, Jacobi Asset Management aim to attract socially responsible investors and contribute to the positive transformation of the digital assets industry.

We facilitate a simple and secure
structure for digital asset ownership

In collaboration with an experienced network of reputable service providers and partners

Jacobi FT Wilshire Bitcoin ETF

  • Direct Bitcoin Exposure
  • Exchange-listed product
  • SFDR Article 8 through its decarbonisation strategy
  • Straightforward and secure
  • No leverage

Our founding philosophy

Encompasses a commitment to deliver for our investors, our people, and the world around us.


We strive to deliver straightforward ETF solutions that are easily accessible and built with a familiar structure

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We combine regulated solutions to provide additional layers on security to access digital assets

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We integrate ESG principles into our product development to drive positive global change

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