Driven by progress, powered by trust

We believe in harnessing the transformative potential of disruptive technology whilst promoting environmental stewardship, social progress, and ethical governance. We hope to drive positive change and accelerate the development of a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

A value-driven business strategy

Our mission of providing digital asset investment opportunities that bridge the present and the future is bolstered by three core values

Pioneering progress

The future we believe in can only be realised by a commitment to achieving positive personal, business, and industry-wide progress

Constructive collaboration

Disruptive innovations that permeate the global economy must be built with a deep understanding of – as well as together with – a diverse group of relevant stakeholders

Ironclad integrity

We build transparent and straightforward regulated solutions that account for relevant ESG risks and always unambiguously put our investor’s needs first

Meet the team

A multi-disciplinary team of experienced professionals

Martin Bednall

Chief Executive Officer

Peter Lane

Chief Commercial Officer

Oya Celiktemur

Sales Director

Jamie Khurshid


Roy McGregor

Executive Director

Geneva Loader

Non Executive Director

Christopher Jehan

Fund Architect