Safety and simplicity for
institutional investors

Jacobi Asset Management


The Jacobi Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is the only fully approved and regulated Bitcoin ETF launched with tier 1 firms. As an open ended ETF, it offers the simplest and safest place for institutional, professional and sophisticated investors to access Bitcoin.

Digital assets and cryptocurrency can now become a part of diverse investment portfolios through a safe and secure equity-like product. Bitcoin investment is now available without the inconvenience of sourcing, securing and storing it.

Jacobi Bitcoin ETF Highlights

Client funds are secured, invested in a regulated and centrally cleared product in the same way that asset managers work today.

Traded like any other equity-like instrument

Launched with regulated, tier one firms

Bitcoin stored independently to the fund managers

Priced in real-time, buy and sell same day

Managed and accounted for as any other asset

Minimum investment of US$100,000 required

How does it work?

Prior to UK Listing approval institutional, professional and sophisticated investors can access Bitcoin directly through Jacobi Asset Management

1. Register your details through the link below
2. The fund will then use the proceeds to purchase Bitcoin
3. Fidelity Digital AssetsSM hold the Bitcoin on behalf of the fund
4. Investors own units in the fund