Safety and simplicity for
institutional investors

Jacobi Asset Management


The Jacobi Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is the first approved and regulated Bitcoin ETF in Europe, launched with premium partners, across every stage of the investment infrastructure. As an open ended ETF, it offers the simplest and safest place for institutional, professional and sophisticated investors to access Bitcoin.

Digital assets and cryptocurrency can now become a part of diverse investment portfolios through this safe and secure equity-like product. Bitcoin investment is now available without the inconvenience of sourcing, securing and storing it.

Jacobi Bitcoin ETF Highlights

Client funds are secured, invested in a regulated and centrally cleared product in the same way that asset managers work today.

Traded like any other equity-like instrument

Launched with regulated, premium partners

Bitcoin stored independently to the fund managers

Priced in real-time, buy and sell same day

Managed and accounted for as any other asset

Minimum investment of US$100,000 required

How to invest in a Bitcoin ETF

Start investing today

When was the Bitcoin ETF approved?

The Jacobi Bitcoin ETF Fund was approved in October 2021. The fund is authorised and regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC).

Can you start trading the Bitcoin ETF?

The Jacobi Bitcoin ETF is currently available off exchange through our team, please complete the investment form here. Once listed the ETF will be available to trade on exchange through your preferred broker. The product is currently available to institutional, professional and sophisticated investors.

What is a tier one Bitcoin ETF?

Jacobi Asset Management is working with suppliers and partners at the top of their field and sector, creating a tier one ecosystem.

The Bitcoin ETF product remains a world first in receiving approval to operate in more markets, without the constraints of other ETFs that are limited to the domestic market they are operating in.

Can you buy Bitcoin ETF units?

Bitcoin ETF investments can be facilitated on exchange in the same way you would buy any other equity-like exchange-traded product. Investors own ETF units in the fund that can be held or sold at any time.

Do ETFs impact the crypto market?

Bitcoin ETF trading

What impact do Bitcoin ETFs have on the price of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin’s price has fluctuated over the years, often in conjunction with trends and news spikes. The Jacobi Bitcoin ETF was designed to deliver a regulated product for the institutional market, an instrument that could allow mass adoption in a very familiar way.

ETF products allow institutional investment into the market, and over time could lead to stabilising the underlying asset. 

Do investors access Bitcoin in the same way as directly purchasing cryptocurrencies?

Jacobi Asset Management has consciously set out to create a walletless investment environment. We aim to provide a safe and simple option for institutional, professional and sophisticated investors to access this new digital asset class.

Investors will gain exposure to Bitcoin’s performance, avoiding all acquisition, transfer, storage and security risks. Instead, investors can focus on the price of the underlying asset and their investment.


Can Bitcoin ETF units be converted into cash?

As with any other exchange-traded product, Bitcoin ETF units can be sold in real-time. These transactions can be facilitated by your broker and traded back into cash at any time. The Jacobi Bitcoin ETF units are denominated in USD only.