ETF product advantages

Client funds are secured, invested in a regulated institutional product in the same way that asset managers work today.

ETFs trade like any other equity-like instrument. The Jacobi Bitcoin ETF cannot be leveraged or lent and cannot use derivatives like other exchange traded products
Other products are made up of derivatives that can be leveraged or lent out, leading to significant county party risk
ETFs are cleared and settled into a Central Securities Depository
ETNs and other ETPs are not centrally cleared and often leveraged as a debt instrument
The Jacobi Bitcoin ETF is a regulated product traded through regulated bodies to keep investments secure
Other exchange traded crypto products are not regulated or govered and have no regulatory restrictions through the trading process
ETF prices are set in real time and can be traded instantly on exchange
Other products like ETNs are often not priced in real time and firms can have redemption limitations making it difficult to exit investments quickly

How does it work?

Prior to listing approval institutional, professional and sophisticated investors can access Bitcoin directly through Jacobi Asset Management

1. Register your details through the link below
2. The fund will then use the proceeds to purchase Bitcoin
3. Fidelity Digital AssetsSM hold the Bitcoin on behalf of the fund
4. Investors own units in the fund