Europe’s first Bitcoin ETF listing approval

The journey to listing Europe’s first Bitcoin ETF

Jacobi Asset Management’s founder and CEO Jamie Khurshid provides more detail on the path to listing the Jacobi Bitcoin ETF on Euronext Amsterdam. 

A note from Jamie:

Until now, Europe has only seen exchange-traded products with various forms of debt and complex structures that do not provide transparency for investors to make informed decisions about the debt and risk exposure they are taking on.  Jacobi Asset Management is the first and only issuer of an equity structure for digital assets in Europe with the first and only Bitcoin ETF. Euronext CEO Stephane Boujnah confirmed that BCOIN will be the first spot Bitcoin ETF ever listed on Euronext:

 “This will be the first Bitcoin ETF on Euronext, or the first fund directly investing in Bitcoin. All other currently existing products on our segment are exchange-traded notes, or legally structured as debt instruments”. 

As a Jacobi team, we never believed that institutional investors would adopt digital assets without an easily accessible and regulated product with the appropriate risk management to protect investments. 

For those who have been misinformed and misled, intentionally or otherwise, by the incorrect use of the term ETF, or the group term ETP to hide the fact that the instruments themselves are ETNs, I can clarify:

The only similarity between our Bitcoin ETF and the various Bitcoin ETNs available is that they are all traded on exchanges and are therefore collectively known as exchange-traded products (ETPs). Misuse of the term ETF by ETN issuers only serves to obfuscate the risks in acquiring and investing in debt instruments like ETNs. With an ETN the investor is acquiring unsecured debt and is at risk of losing their investment should the debt issuer fail, for example, through overexposure to other more risky digital assets.

“We believe this is the most significant evolution for digital assets 
since the market first heard the phrase the institutions are coming”.

The Jacobi Bitcoin ETF is the only regulated exchange-traded fund in Europe and the fund itself owns the Bitcoin. With our ETF, fund investors directly acquire and own the units of the fund that owns the Bitcoin. Under the rules of the regulator, the fund is fully collateralised with absolutely no leverage. Investor funds and the fund assets themselves cannot be rehypothecated or lent out to anyone for any period of time.

So with Jacobi, there is no chance of your investment leading to any form of exposure to risky borrowers, yield platforms or Defi protocols. The independently audited assets remain owned by Jacobi Bitcoin ETF, at all times, held in custody at Fidelity Digital Assets on behalf of the fund. This is why we now believe the institutions can finally come and adopt digital assets as part of their diversified portfolio.

We look forward to continuing our vision and delivering our pipeline of digital asset ETFs on Euronext Amsterdam with all our premium partners.